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  1. Best Workout Fragrances

    Best Workout Fragrances

    I will never forget the day I went to a gym with some friends. We planned to do an outreach while working out at the gym, so we had to stay longer at the gym that day. Then and there, someone walked up to me and asked about the name of the fragrance I was wearing. I told him the name and also told him I got it from Without hesitation, he brought out his phone from his waist bag and placed an order for the perfume on Then, he looked up and said to me, “I’ll like to smell like you when next I come to the gym.” And, I replied with a smile, “Sure!” Making sure you don’t smell bad during your workout is very essential (and courteous to your fellow gym-users!). We love all things scent here at, and we don’

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  2. Suits You: Top Nigeria Tailoring Trends

    It's Suit Up Day

    For International Suit Up Day, we pay homage to the suit - a classic menswear piece that has been a sartorial stable for centuries. Despite the change towards the ever more casual dress codes, especially now many of us are WFH, a beautifully tailored and accessorised suit is still the peak of menswear. Even if you don’t work in an office, it’s likely you’ll need a smart, tailored look at least once a year. Here are the top men’s tailoring trends this year…

     Travel Suits for Men – High Performance

    In order to adapt to current trends and lifestyles, many traditional suits have been updated with performance-oriented features thanks to a combination of innovative fabric, style and design. Practical and comfort details have been introduced  including water and crease resistant finishes, stretch wool fabric and unstructured

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  3. Hello world!

    Welcome to Magefan blog extension for Magento® 2. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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